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Interest In Freemasonry

The following was an introduction to St. Cecile's very first by-laws back in 1865. It is a tremendous exposition conveying the principles of the Masonic order which continues to stand the test of time:


As Masons, we open our Temples to all men, that they may be incited by precept and example to overcome the prejudices of their country, the errors they may have inherited from their fathers, to love and assist each other, to efface the conventional distinctions of birth, rank, opinion, or nationality, to annihilate fanaticism and superstition, to remove national hatred and the misfortunes of war; in short, to arrive by free and progress at that condition of humanity when each one, enfranchised from the darkness and errors of the past, shall be free to develop the faculties God has given him, and unite the whole family of man in the bonds of love, science and unity.

It will not be argued, we apprehend, that the human race has arrived at that state of moral and physical beatitude when no further efforts for its amelioration are required, and it seems clear to us that a system presenting to the newly-found candidate a series of indisputable truths, impressing them on his mind by solemn ceremonies, impressing them on his memory by a beautiful symbology, teaching him to love and practice virtue and abhor vice, must be worthy of a place among the best efforts of humanity.

We claim these things for Masonry, and for the truth of that claim we appeal to the history of the past---we call on the great and good in all ages of the world for their testimony. On that we are willing to rest; in it we find a reason, if a reason were needed, for our devotion to the system of Freemasonry. Click here to continue reading...

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