Louis Mann
Raised in St. Cecile Lodge #568

American theater actor. Mann was born in New York in 1865 to Daniel and Caroline Mann, and made his first theatrical appearances as a child actor, mainly in German-language theatricals. In 1896 he appeared in the Herald Square Theatre on Broadway, in George Dance and Ivan Caryll production, The Girl form Paris. In 1899, Mann appeared with his wife, Clara Lipman in the original run of the farce, The Girl in the Barracks. Mann and Lipman took the leads, and were well received. Mann continued appearing in original stage comedies, and in 1903 produced his own Broadway production, Charles Nirdlinger's The Consul at the Princess Theatre on 29th Street. The play had a short run, and in the later half of 1903, Mann appeared in Weber and Fields low comedy musical Whoop-Dee-Doo.

In 1906, Mann appeared in his wife's play, Julie Bonbon, which opened at Lew M. Field Theatre, New York. He appeared in all five of his wife's works, staging her final piece Nature's Nobleman. By 1914, Mann appeared in his first moving pictureGiles Warren's Your Girl and Mine: A Woman Suffrage Play. In 1918 Mann appeared in his most notable role, that of Karl Pfeifer, in Aaron Hoffman's stage play Friendly Enemies. His most notable film role was The Sins of the Children (1930) opposite Robert Montgomery and Leila Hyams.

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