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150th Anniversary Ball - June 15, 2015 - Save the date! Location TBD

Past News & Events

Festive Holiday Concert
The lodge celebrated our annual concert December 4, 2013. It was a festive evening of music, food & drink as the talented brothers of St. Cecile performed and spread holiday cheer.

Lecture Conference Call Now Available For Listening
R:.W:. Kenneth Force illustrates the impact of St. Cecile on the music scene of New York City and much more!

A recording of the conference call seminar featuring our lodge historian, R:.W:. Kenneth Force is now available in MP3 format for everyone's listening pleasure. It is a wonderful audio introduction to the well-renowned inception and early history of St. Cecile. Below is a music player with volume control; all you have to do is press the Play button to listen in. To download the file right-click here, and Save As.

Tour Hosted By World-Famous Carillonneur

On June 18, 2011, St. Cecile organized a visitation to The Riverside Church. This included a private guided tour of the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. Guests also received a special tour of, and recital on, the world-renowned organ with the loudest trumpet stop. Riverside Church was also visited and guests were hosted by the noted carillonneur, as he demonstrates the playing of the largest carillon of bells within the Western part of the world. A special thanks to W. Llewllyn Williams for bringing these plans to fruition!

Regional MAGLA Competition

After St. Cecile finished with two of its members (Bro. Marko Gazic finishing 3rd; Bro. Ryan Jackson finishing 1st) in
the winner's circle of the district competition, Bro. Ryan Jackson represented the Fourth Manhattan District in the 2011 MAGLA Competition. Our Chaplain R:.W:. Richard Stewart and Secretary Emeritus R:.W:. Cecil Abbott are both former champions.

An Evening of Jazz and Masonry

A contribution by St. Cecile's very own, Bro. Spike Wilner, performed with his trio in a concert event hosted by Kane Lodge that celebrated the many great Jazz musicians who were Masons. It was an evening filled with live musical renditions of such past brothers as Duke Ellington, Irving Berlin, Count Basie, Glen Millers, and Louis B. Armstrong, which corresponded with short lectures about these jazz greats given by brothers of Kane Lodge. For an encore, Bro. Spike and his trio played a composition "Indian Summer" by Victor B. Herbert, who was an accomplished cellist and
composer in his time, as well as a brother of St. Cecile--undoubdtedly a fitting end to what was a wonderful evening!